21 Global Companies Discuss the Values and Challenges of Working with a Remote Team 

From remote work myths to common work-from-home issues to the merits of a global workforce, this eBook gets leaders from REAL companies to weigh in on the REAL benefits of growing their business with remote workers and virtual assistants.


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Remote Work Myths & Common Issues

Misconceptions of remote work + the challenges of working with a remote team and ways to overcome them

Insights from Industry Leaders

What industry leaders have to say about remote work, what its benefits are, and whether it is here to stay

Tips on Managing Remote Teams

  Practical advice from business owners about building, supporting, and managing virtual teams


About the author

20four7VA is a leading virtual recruiting and staff placement company specializing in Remote Staffing Solutions. We provide cost-effective, customizable, and scalable services to startup entrepreneurs and medium-sized business owners.

20four7VA has been in the virtual staffing business since 2010, and we make it a priority to stay updated with all the remote work trends and best practices in order to educate more business owners about how virtual staffing can help them scale quickly by hiring simply.

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